One Health approach is a new initiative to improve the conditions for communities in developing countries. In this presentation of September 2011, Dr. Jeff Gilbert (former member of the WHO SARS team in China) presents the One Health approach, focusing on the biomedical aspects of human + animal + wildlife. This new approach is developed to as a trans disciplinary approach to transform vision into the involvement of researchers, community managers and decision makers. By participation and consensus building, local communities are included in the process to improve their living environment.

The On Health approach makes it possible to actively involve local communities to ‘real world’ problems perceived by the society, and to re-integrate knowledge in separate disciplines, using interdisciplinary or trans-disciplinary approaches.

By combining disciplinary knowledge, concepts, and methods, this holistic approach is used to create a composite picture of nature, within its social-natural system.

Combining knowledge, teaching, and research from different disciplines creates a deeper understanding on how to improve local conditions on human + animal + wildlife, both on the scientific site as well within local communities.


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