Starting 01/01/2013 there will be more strict rules for killing of (young) animals. Existing methods are not always suitable for young piglets and poultry, based upon an acceptable level of welfare. Also some methods are relatively expensive or can only be used by veterinarians. Therefore it could be interesting to work with nitrogen gas foam. The possible advantages are:

–       Better for welfare, little stress or pain

–       No rising of nitrogen gas, because of the foam

–       Possible low investment and operating costs

–       Little risk for humans

–       Easy to use and safe for the environment

It has already been proven a good system for poultry (Gerritzen et al, 2010, McKeegan et al 2011 – see their reports on this platform).   This project plan describes the actions needed to develop and test a nitrogen gas foam device for young piglets and poultry.   It only describes the rough outline, and for each sub-theme a specific and detailed work plan needs to be written.   The main activities will take place on the facilities of VIC Sterksel, part of Wageningen UR Livestock Research who will develop specific sub-themes.   Other parties are invited to contribute and participate in this project. The project will be performed for/with N2GF. (


The project starts at January 1, 2013 and will be finalized by June 30, 2013. After the successful completion of this project, a euthanasia device will be developed for young piglets and poultry that is suitable for use on (poultry/pig) farms. Also an e-learning and certification system as well as a vocational training/certification system is available. There are standard operating procedures and product manuals available and the investment- and operating costs are known.


  • Preconditions for dimensioning a nitrogen gas foam euthanasia device are known, also on behalf of safety
  • Effects on pigs are known (pain, stress)
  • Product manuals and Standard Operating Procedures are available
  • Training curricula and demands on certification are available
  • Training  and certification (e-learning and vocational) systems are available
  • Economics (investment and operating costs) are known


The organisation of this project is not fully complete and is open for participation. The current partners are:


  • SHK trading BV (Producer of the N2GF equipment, representative of the patent holder and project initiator)
  • Wageningen UR Livestock Research-  Swine Innovation Centre Sterksel (Project location and facilitator)
  •  ONI Consult (Certification processes)


  • AVT Advanced Video Training Europe AB (development of training curricula, certification materials, online training and visualisation, guidelines, product information and Standard Operating Procedures);  Trollhättan Sweden
  • N2GF (Project leader)



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