USA, Poultry site April 19, 2010:
Research at Mississippi State University suggests that the new method has potential as a slaughter method in terms of bird welfare and without disadvantages during subsequent processing, according to Y. Vizzier Thaxton in her paper at the European Symposium on Poultry Welfare in Italy last year.

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Although this method is based on the principle of hypoxemix anoxia, it is completely different from the N2GF method. Within the USA, the organization, UPC United Poultry Concern describes Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning LAPS as a way of torture chickens:

USA, UPC, April 38, 2011: LAPS – A New Way to Torture Chickens & Turkeys to Death by decompression

In Fort Smith, Arkansas, a chicken slaughter company called OK Foods has introduced a decompression technology called “low atmosphere pressure system” (LAPS). Guided by poultry researchers at Mississippi State University who are conducting LAPS experiments on young chickens, they’re calling the decompression of chickens “humane.”

The birds are placed in a sealed cylindrical chamber and the pressure in the chamber “is reduced at a continuous rate to a target decompression pressure for a period of time until a state of death is obtained.” Due to its cruelty, decompression of shelter animals is no longer used in the United States. “Decompression sickness” is an agonizing experience arising from the decompression of a body as it is being depleted of oxygen.

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