The Anoxia method is the first slaughter technique based on the principle of total lack of oxygen. One of the main reasons is the lack of unnecessary stress or pain caused by Anoxia, as described in the scientific report published in Poultry Science of May, 2013.

Only Professionals recognize that Anoxia as life-threatening phenomenon:in aviation; mountain climbing; and deep-sea diving. The question is: what happens with your brain when it is confronted with total absence of oxygen and how dangerous it when you breathe in pure nitrogen? Time to find out. A team of two young Dutch scientists put themselves on the test and went to the Military aviation test facility in Soesterberg to find it out. At this facility, pilots are trained to recognize the signs and learn how to deal with it.

In the category “Don’t try this at home”, one of the guys takes of his oxygen mask, after the oxygen in the conditioned room they are staying in has been completely pumped out. What happened to him, confronted to 100% nitrogen? See for yourself…


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