Killing piglets on the farm remains a hot issue in Europe, demanding new methods. On January 12, 2016, the program of ARD Report (German National TV) broadcasted second program on the current method of killing piglets on the farm.

This program was the follow-up of the first Report program, published in June 2015, showing the embarrassed German Agricultural Minister. He explained that after the first Report program, the German politic forced the responsible German veterinary authorities to develop new techniques to introduce new methods that prevent unnecessary stress or pain during the stunning and killing , but according to this new footage, nothing has changed: the animals are still stunned by brute force and there is no control if the piglets are stunned before their throats are cut.

To change this situation, a team of specialists of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute in Celle/Germany, AVT Applied Veterinary Technologies – Innovation & Services (Germany) and Anoxia Europe (Holland) are working on legalizing the Anoxia method for this purpose.

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