In 2007, USAID launched a worldwide program to battle outbreaks of Avian Influenza under the name STOP AI: Stamping Out Pandemic & Avian Influenza.

This program was one of the largest Training of trainer programs on Avian Influenza of its kind, with training programs conducted in more than 40 countries.

The training manual contains valuable training materials, presentations, background information and references on various subjects:

Module 1 – Overview of Avian Influenza
Module 2 – National Preparedness & Response Plans for HPAI
Module 3 – OIE Avian Influenza Standards and FAO Emergency Prevention System
Module 4 – Public Health and Occupational Safety
Module 5 – Animal Surveillance
Module 6 – Sample Collection and Transport
Module 7 – GIS and Outbreak Mapping
Module 8 – Biosecurity
Module 9 – Introduction to Outbreak Response
Module 10 – Depopulation, Disposal, and Decontamination
Module 11 – Recovery Options.

This training course was intended for animal and human health experts who have limited experience with avian influenza, but who do have field experience with other animal, zoonotic, or infectious diseases. This course includes modules on avian influenza virology, epidemiology, response, and recovery.

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