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About the N2GF team

In the past 10 years a radical new technique has been developed to slaughter or kill animals without avoidable stress and pain. The concept is called Nitrogen to Gas Foam, simply called N2GF, based on the principle of anoxia (absence of oxygen) the use of high expansion foam, filled with 99,5% nitrogen. This new technique is fully in line with Regulation EU 1099/2009 that will be in force by January 1, 2013 throughout the EU. On this portal you will find all sorts of documents, reports, links and news related to the N2GF technique and Regulation EU 1099/2009.

A number of applications based on this worldwide patented technique has been developed to use the N2GF technique on farms to kill sick and crippled animals (replacing lethal injection techniques (T61) and manual techniques that are not longer allowed are standard routine method such as Cervical dislocation and percussive blow to the head); for disease control purposes (replacing complicated labor incentive and expensive techniques, such as electrical stunning, stable gassing by Co2 or the use of Co2 Container systems).

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